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Essential Automotive Hoses


  • Air Conditioning

  • Radiator Hoses & Mounts

  • Expansion Tank Hoses

  • Intercooler Hoses

  • Water Hoses

  • EV Battery Cooling

  • Thermal Management Systems 

  • Racing

  • Marine Applications

  • Burga Clip (tm)


  • Turbo Hoses

  • Breather Hoses

  • Air Intake Tubes


  • Oil Separator Hoses

  • Oil Drain Plugs


  • Fuel Line Hoses


  • Power Steering Hoses


Quality OEM products as supplied to Tier I, Tier II and air conditioning system manufacturers

Over 8,000 products for European, Asian and US Domestic cars, trucks, buses and industrial applications

Atlantic Im & Export Corp is the worldwide exclusive aftermarket partner for Burgaflex automotive hoses

Burgaflex production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Poland and the UK adhere to strict sustainability protocols


Burgaflex produces a wide range of air conditioning water & oil cooling hoses and hose assemblies for the automotive industry, including thermal management.

Established October 1st, 1984 by a pair of Stratoflex engineers who were at that time tasked with designing automotive and aerospace hoses, Burgaflex has since grown to become a world player in tube, fitting, and hose assembly production. The company currently has seven global facilities in addition to its founding location in Etten-Leur Holland.

The production of Burgaflex fittings, bent tubing, and tube assemblies is done according to the ISO TS16949 procedures and quality standards.

The Burgaflex philosophy is “Quality products, competitive prices, excellent Customer Service.” Working directly with the largest hose manufacturers such as Goodyear, Burgaflex is proud of its reputation for tailor-made solutions.

Much of the development and testing occurs in the company’s original facility in Holland where products are subject to pressure tests underwater with air or nitrogen as well as helium as well as salt spray tests, cleanliness tests, vibration tests, and tensile strength tests.

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