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Electric Vehicle (EV) Applications

No sweat fluid lines for Integrated Thermal Management and Battery Cooling loops

Burgaflex cooling hoses and fittings help EV manufacturers who want to produce new high performance thermal management system designs that minimize the time and expense of development and production while enhancing the safety and reliability of their Electric Vehicles.

BFX fitting for BurgaClip
Burgaflex BurgaClip

Precision Clamping that's fast and easy

The BurgaClip® System is comprised of two metal clips that mate with a patented BurgaClip®. The blue BurgaClip® ensures that the metal clips will self-align with the shape of Burgaflex's fitting for precision crimping that delivers a high integrity hose/fitting connection. Every hose assembly you create is finished quickly, easily and consistently.

  • To insert the BurgaClip® fitting and complete the crimp takes on average just 30 seconds. It is designed to enable the fitting to rotate for correct orientation without compromising sealing.

  • In less than 2 minutes, BurgaClip® fittings can be disassembled and reused without the need for replacement O-rings, and you can be certain of the fitting's continued integrity after assembly and crimping.

EV Thermal Management System Design

The best Thermal Management System (TMS) designs for an electric vehicle will consume the least space, have the fastest response times and be readily serviceable. Burgaflex offers design engineers a hose/fitting solution that is ideal for rapid prototyping and for reducing vehicle time-to-market.

  • Hose routing can be tested quickly and economically by customizing hose lengths and fitting types on-the-fly.

  • Threaded and space-saving threadless fittings both employ the exclusive BurgaClip® fastening system to ensure your custom hose assemblies will not fail.

Burgaflex threadless fitting diagram
BurgaClip easiest hose fitting technology

EV Production Speed and Cost

Hose assembly and seal integrity should not cause production bottlenecks. The foolproof BurgaClip® crimping system keeps production lines moving quickly and costs down. 

  • Less time for each hose connection point translates into assembly labor cost savings.

  • Minimize potential indirect costs associated with reworking unreliable crimping methods.

EV Cooling Hose Safety and Reliability

Water Ethylene Glycol (WEG) coolant is toxic. Durable hose assembly and seal integrity is a matter of safety for passengers, mechanics and bystanders.

  • Vehicle breakdowns due to hose failures leads to a poor image.

  • Safety and reliability issues could necessitate vehicle recalls.

  • Dangerous leaks or failures can be mitigated by Burgaflex's foolproof installation process. 

Burgaflex is engineered for safety and reliability
Burgaflex engineers help customers
Burgaflex in-house testing lab

Engineering Support

EV manufacturers using Burgaflex products have access to engineers and in-house testing labs at the factory in Holland.

  • In a market dominated by huge corporations, Burgaflex stands out as a partner who appreciates customer relationships.

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Reputation for High Performance

Burgaflex is recognized as a performance brand. When installed, Burgaflex hoses with their distinctive blue BurgaClips have a clean, sleek, hi-tech appearance.

  • Marquee brands such as Aston Martin, McClaren, Bently and many others rely on Burgaflex.

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