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Anchor cabin filters
FilterTech cabin filters and engine air filters replace OE

Interior Cabin Filters

Superior Protection

  • Best defense against incoming respiratory hazards

  • Cleanest air for health and comfort of driver and passengers

  • Extends heating/air conditioning system life

Filtertech cabin filters best defense against respiratory hazards

The interior of your vehicle is a self-contained living space protected from the environment outdoors.  
The cabin filter is your only defense from respiratory hazards flowing in through the vents. 

Common Hazards prevented by FILTERTECH*

*Hazard protection varies by item number and vehicle.  Contact Us for specific information

Replacement Frequency

Change your cabin filter at least as often as recommended by the maintenance schedule in your vehicle owner’s manual.

More frequent replacement should be considered if you have health concerns or if road conditions repeatedly expose your vehicle to dirty/hazardous air environments.  

EV image by Hans-Christoph Seidel, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

4 reasons why auto service and repair
professionals choose FILTERTECH

  1. Meets or exceeds OEM specifications for fit, performance and replacement intervals

  2. Best in class quality equates to customer satisfaction with no returns

  3. More protection for the money

  4. Trusted brand, easy to work with

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