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No. 1 in cabin air filters

micronAir provides high-performance, energy-efficient concepts for the filtration of air and liquids to protect people and the environment as well as optimize industrial processes.  micronAir is the Number 1 brand among automotive cabin air filters and the preferred choice of the automotive industry. These filters offer reliable and effective protection against pollutants and unpleasant odors in cars. Under the micronAir brand name we have developed an innovative fully synthetic filter that is vastly superior to conventional paper filters.

Without cabin air filters, pollen, soot, dust and gases as well as unpleasant odors reach the interior of the vehicle directly and occupants breathe in unfiltered air, complete with pollutants. It is not only exhaust emissions and industrial pollution that can significantly impair the health and well-being of the occupants. Agricultural substances such as fertilizers, liquid manure and natural irritants such as ozone also have a negative impact on health.

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