Mubea Coil Spring

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Mubea Coil Spring &
Power Train Systems

Global Market Leader to the OEMs

Chassis Components

  • Coil Spring Systems

  • Stabilizer Systems

  • Suspension Components

Power Train

  • Belt Tensioner Systems

  • Valve Springs

  • Connecting Products

Mubea Tailored Coatings for coil springs

Mubea Tailored Coatings (MTC)

Coating Systems for Coil Springs

  • Spring body protection from salt, dirt, chipping, etc. 

  • Single or double layer epoxy powder coating

Mubea DuraConnect

Coil Spring Support Composite System

  • Effective end-coil protection against damage from abrasion and corrosion 

Mubea Belt Tensioners

Belt Tensioners

  • Stress is optimized so friction is reduced to a minimum

  • Lowers fuel consumption

Why Mubea
Principal coil spring producer for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) providing a complete range and the newest applications

Innovative lightweight products for the OEM's development of future emissions-free micro mobility vehicles

Family-owned global player with 48 locations in 20 countries

Mubea light & robust coil springs

The MLR (Mubea Light & Robust) coil spring system provides a weight reduction of up to 15 percent compared with standard applications, while also increasing robustness. 

Mubea coil springs