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Mubea Coil Spring &
Power Train Systems

Global Market Supplier
to the OEMs

Chassis Components

  • Coil Spring Systems

  • Stabilizer Systems

  • Suspension Components

Power Train

  • Belt Tensioner Systems

  • Valve Springs

  • Connecting Products

Mubea is Original Equipment

  • 71% of all cars worldwide have at least two Mubea springs

  • Stabilizer bars, clamps and tensioners are 100% OEM

Automakers using Mubea coil springs

  • Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Rover, Saab, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and more

Mubea light & robust coil springs

The MLR (Mubea Light & Robust) coil spring system provides a weight reduction of up to 15% compared with standard applications, while also increasing durability. 

Extended spring life with Mubea's patented DuraConnect 

  • Damage from abrasion and corrosion will cause springs to fail. By protecting the end-coil, Mubea's patented support system significantly increases the life span of your coil springs. 

  • DuraConnect uses a material-specific bond between coil spring and spring pad that's tailored to end coil's geometry.

  • Nobody else has this! DuraConnect is exclusive to Mubea. 

Mubea Tailored Coatings for coil springs

Mubea Tailored Coatings (MTC)

Coating Systems for Coil Springs

  • Spring body protection from salt, dirt, chipping, etc. 

  • Single or double layer epoxy powder coating

Mubea Belt Tensioners

Belt Tensioners

  • Stress is optimized so friction is reduced to a minimum

  • Lowers fuel consumption

How did Mubea became the global leader in coil spring innovation?

Original OEM parts - Because Mubea supplies springs directly to the automakers, their aftermarket products are a direct replacement for the original. They are the original!  Why is this important?  
  1. The spring is going to fit.
  2. Spring characteristics are going to match what the OEM engineers designed for (important safety consideration).
  3. Ensures your vehicle will sit level and not compromise handling (safety). 

Total control - Today, Mubea is fueling growth by keeping its R&D in-house, prioritizing lightweight designs, and vertical integration from raw materials to finished goods. Mubea produces their own spring wire, uses proprietary material formulations and does their own powder coating. The best measure of quality is warranty claims. Historically, Mubea doesn’t have any.

Presence - For this family-owned business, Coi
l Springs is just one of their product lines. In fact, Mubea is probably the biggest company many people are not aware of.  Since 1916, they have grown to 14,000 employees and 50 locations dedicated to efficient, lightweight component design and manufacturing. Working in the background, Mubea focuses on innovations for automobiles, aviation and micro mobility that we often take for granted.
Mubea products
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