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The eDrive leader

GKN's ePowertrain division now offers solutions for all electrified vehicles and is a go-to technology partner, creating the ultimate electrified driving experience. GKN fitted its first eDrive system to a production car over 20 years ago. Today, GKN is powering over 1.5 million electrified vehicles worldwide.

GKN Automotive’s electric drive control capabilities build directly on its all-wheel drive expertise. That’s why the company is often first-to-market on high-profile programs like the Porsche 918 Spyder, BMW i8 and Volvo XC90.

Can your driveline electrification strategy more effective?

GKN's modular technologies and systems integration expertise propels Electric and Hybrid Vehicle development. Let's look at how GKN optimizes electrified vehicle designs with lightweight compact systems that deliver high torque and a suite of built-in functionalities.

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Torque vectoring system for electric drivelines

GKN’s scalable eTwinster® torque vectoring modules minimize the effects of battery mass on dynamics.

The technology improves both on- and off-road performance, by enhancing traction, cornering and efficiency in real-world driving conditions.

GKN Automotive’s eTwinster® dual-clutch transmission and the company’s software and control modules make torque vectoring easy to integrate into the driving experience.

Modular eDrive system for Compact Cars

The single-speed coaxial eDrive system is the smallest and lightest of GKN Automotive’s solutions for pure electric and hybrid applications. Its space-saving design enables it to package in the same space as a platform’s rear drive module.

Modular eDrive for
Mid-sized Cars

This scalable unit generates up to 4,000Nm of additional torque and power – enough for pure electric mode and a highly dynamic eAWD mode making it simpler to electrify the rear axle in front-wheel drive platforms.

Modular eDrive system for
Large Pure Electric Vehicles

The compact modular design generates up to 5,300Nm of torque – enough for a dynamic pure electric mode for large BEVs.

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