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Celebrating nearly half a century of service.



Since 1978, the Atlantic Im- & Export Corporation has been an exclusive partner and strong bridge between global manufacturers of automotive products and the North American aftermarket.


Today, Atlantic has carved out a unique role as the “North American office” for select manufacturers who look for a physical presence on this continent. Although we have a warehouse that receives, inventories and ships products daily, Atlantic is not a distributor. Our partners are stocking distributors, import specialists, buying groups, co-manufacturers, OES organizations, etc. who own their business relationships with automobile dealerships, repair shops, other distributors and end-users. Atlantic makes it easy for our distributor partners to select the right products, get the information they need, acquire the product from us or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and profitably service their customers.


Services we provide for our OEM supplier partners include establishing competitive pricing for their products, feedback and assistance with product design, branding, marketing, logistics and other dimensions that lead to increased sales and profitability. Our business relationships are transparent, and we act as an extension of their company.


Atlantic is staffed to represent and grow the business of our supplier partners. We have an experienced sales and marketing team, customer support, accounting, and dedicated warehouse personnel. We also do in-house product development. Atlantic has associates who have been with the company for over 25 years! In 2021, we upgraded our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to Oracle’s NetSuite, giving our company a solid foundation for growth in every area of our business.


Atlantic Im- & Export Corporation is a family-owned business with strong family traditions. We believe in relationships. Our supplier partners and customers tell us that in today’s “self-service” world, they appreciate having immediate and familiar access to our team who can get things done. Our competitive advantage begins with a handshake.





In 1978, Ingo and Ann Rau had aspirations to establish a trading company for US and European automobile parts moving between America and Europe. Soon after founding the Atlantic Im- & Export Corporation, they discovered an unmet need; European OEM producers needed a reliable one-and-done sales channel to the aftermarket sellers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean. As a native of Germany who was living in the United States, Ingo had a unique mix of qualifications to deliver on this challenge; Ingo’s native understanding of both cultures, and his ties to the niche aftermarket for imported cars in the United States. Atlantic became the exclusive representative for HJS, Elring and Heidemann. Other suppliers soon followed.


Ten years later, Ingo and Ann’s son, Godehard joined Atlantic and began working his way up the ranks. In 1991, a joint venture was established with Elring to better service the market, streamline delivery and optimize support for Elring and their North American customers. This served as a model for additional expansion with other manufacturers. Stocking, packaging, OES supply and aftermarket support was tailored to fit the needs of various North American market segments.


In 1992, Dietmar Rau joined Atlantic to help streamline the developing processes related to operations, purchasing, and finance. More lines and brands fitting the OEM pedigree were added. The two brothers focused on hiring product managers, marketing personnel as well as sales and support staff. This ensured that brands represented would enjoy success with the best distribution partners for each market segment.


Today, Atlantic is evolving to bring fresh perspectives that are continuing Atlantic’s legacy as a reliable and profitable one-and-done sales channel to North American customers.


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