Celebrating nearly half a century of service.

   Ingo and Ann Rau founded Atlantic Im- & Export corporation, in 1978, originally to purchase and trade US and European Automotive parts between America and Europe.  The direction changed quickly as they saw the opportunity to fill a niche void in representing European OEM producers, eventually catering to the North American aftermarket (USA, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean). Manufacturers in Europe looked for distribution channels and ways to manage their products in the North American region. Ingo, a native of Germany understanding the European and American culture as well as the niche import automotive aftermarket, began exclusively representing HJS, Elring and Heidemann. Other companies would follow looking for representation into the North American aftermarket.

    In 1988, Godehard joined the company. Recognizing the market service, delivery and support requirements Elring of North America, a joint venture between Elring and Atlantic was born in 1991. This was the basis for Atlantic to establish for the market and the support needed for those lines looking to provide the service needed. This would soon become the various North American market segments that include stocking, packaging, OES supply and aftermarket support.

   In 1992, Dietmar joined Atlantic. The company began to transition into the next generation. Lines and Brands were added that fit the OEM pedigree – mentality. Atlantic expanded hiring product managers, marketing personnel, sales and support staff to ensure that the brands represented were successful - placed through the correct distribution partners in the various market segments.

   Atlantic currently employs 20 people, including sales, marketing, product development, accounting, support, and warehouse staff. The strong family business traditions, our employees, our distribution partners, and the companies we represent help make us who we are today in moving forward with the next generation.